We are a pretty powerful pairing.

Experienced and insightful.
Streamlined and efficient.
Creative and talented.
Hands-on and responsive.
Efficient and productive.
Effective and fun.

An experienced duo who develop and articulate strategy, we translate it into useable language and apply it to effective and beautifully designed communications tools. We provide outstanding client service. Applying hard-earned expertise, senior counsel, practiced approaches, and hands-on development of programming and projects.

Hilary Andersen Hilary has been running her own design business for over 20 years, working with a wide variety of clients, from food to tech, from fashion to the medical industry. Hilary loves working directly with her clients, learning about their businesses and what they want to accomplish, and then making that happen. She creates consistent, cohesive branding, that communicates across all platforms. Whether you are starting from scratch, and need everything from an identity system to a website, or if you have most of your branding in place, and just need one item, Hilary will pull it all together, beautifully and quickly. 

Hilary has spent many years designing for both print and digital media. As part of that, she has also done extensive work in the online marketing world, because it is not enough to build a beautiful website, you also need people to find your website. As a result, Hilary is adept in social media marketing and advertising, SEO, and email marketing.

Dave Chapman  Currently working as an independent consultant to a number of businesses and agencies, Dave has served as director of prominent regions for two global communications agencies. He led exciting and innovative marketing and sustainability programs for his entire career, working with dynamic leaders and cutting-edge companies on landmark and award-winning campaigns. Dave launched the Segway Human Transporter and was on the courts for the Arthur Ashe National Junior Tennis League program.  He managed 3Com’s Planet Project and helped drive the Häagen Dazs Loves Honey Bees campaign.  He has edited shared value sustainability reports and moderated sustainable nutrition roundtables. His clients have ranged from multinationals like Nestlé, Walmart and Chevron to single proprietor manufacturers of welding fixtures and high-tech fabricating machinery. Dave is energized and motivated to deliver high level business strategy and hands-on, practical execution of compelling projects.